Water Treatment System

Posted on February 7, 2024

Here is an example of one of many systems I remove after getting found through referral, of a system purchased by an unsuspecting homeowner who was lead to believe in a “Panacea” of water treatment on a brochure. All water treated no matter what kind of problem. No salt, no service needed, solve all your problems.

Unfortunately, if nobody is testing the water, applying the PROPER form of time tested and third party validated, it turns out like this. And, nothing is more nerving than being the “next guy” because once bitten, twice shy. But, once I am able to get on site, test the water, find out what you are wanting to accomplish, THEN a system can be installed that works.

It’s unfortunate that every plumber that knows how to plumb in a unit, suddenly becomes your water treatment expert. No offense to plumbers for wanting to help or make a buck, but more often than not, this is the results of customers trusting brochures or well intended plumbers and Entrepreneurs, epic costly failure.

This is the beginning of several post I will try to get out to consumers in my capacity in this newly developed media to me, with reviews to soon follow, to try and save some buyers remorse.