Testimonial from Delphine W


Mark McCoy recently installed a reverse water osmosis system for drinking water under my kitchen sink. The water coming out of our RO dispenser is spectacular. It’s clear. The viscosity is lighter and smoother. There is no odor, taste or flavor other than just pure water like drinking out of a mountain creek. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the extra work he did at in order to accomplish the objectives of giving us clean, healthy water and ice. Anyone reading this review might find it interesting that 22 years ago Mark installed a whole house water softener in the house that I eventually bought. His original business sticker was still on the water softener, so I called him because I had decided to upgrade the water softener. When he came out here, he remembered at the house and the work that he had done. He’s a Get-to-it Guy and an expert. Thank you, Mark, for being professional, thorough, knowledgeable, clean and most of all honest.

Delphine W