We provide a range of professional services to meet your water treatment needs:

  • Complimentary on-site water testing and evaluation: We offer thorough assessments of your water quality, utilizing legitimate, proven performance water treatment products that have been third-party tested and made in the USA.
  • Obligation-free on-site estimates: Our experts will visit your home to provide accurate estimates for the installation of whole house water treatment products, ensuring long-term effectiveness.
  • Customizable Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) System installations: We offer R.O. systems with various custom finishes, including deco faucets. Our installation options include drilling through any surface for R.O. faucet placement or providing a no-drill solution by replacing your existing kitchen faucet with a dual-purpose faucet that seamlessly incorporates the R.O. system.
  • Evaluation, repair, and upgrade services: We thoroughly evaluate the efficiency and functionality of major water treatment systems available in the USA. Our skilled technicians can repair or refurbish your existing system or provide generous trade-in options to upgrade to the best available systems, exclusively carried by us.
  • Comprehensive Reverse Osmosis services: We go beyond simple filter replacements for Reverse Osmosis systems. As these systems age, proper sanitization, rubber O-ring replacements, and careful handling are essential for maintaining the intended purity of water and preventing leaks that can cause significant damage. Our specialized services ensure optimal performance, cost savings, and health benefits.
  • Custom home water system design: With three decades of experience, we specialize in designing water treatment systems for custom-built homes. We offer innovative ideas and utilities that capitalize on the latest modern products, strategically placing them for easy access, seamless integration, and enhanced efficiency. Our expertise ensures cost-effective maintenance, non-invasive services, and convenience while delivering the highest quality water.

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